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H. H. Tsang and A. J. Park. “A Proposal of Undergraduate Curriculum to Include Research Under the Experiential Learning Framework”, the Proceedings of the 21st Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education (WCCCE 2016), May 6-7, 2016, pp. 31-36.


The primary objective of this paper is to argue the importance of undergraduate research, and it provides a theoretical foundation in employing undergraduate research as part of the experiential learning approach. Recently experiential learning has become a popular learning strategy in university education. Research in university is mainly performed by graduate students and faculty. Occasionally advanced undergraduate students take a chance to participate in research. This paper, however, argues that the majority of undergraduate students will benefit from and should be involved in undergraduate research. If we view undergraduate research as part of the experiential learning strategy, then the rationale for involving undergraduate students in research becomes apparent.

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