Undergraduate Research Academy:: Lunch & Learn


Lunch & learn is an informal opportunity for learning and development. This series provide participants the useful, practical, and timely exposure to a variety topics related to research. We hope that through this gathering, various researchers (student researcher, guest, and faculty) will be able to cultivate a research community which foster a vibrant research culture at Trinity Western University. These workshops are open to public and everyone is encouraged to bring their lunch and learn about topics relevant to research.

The general format for the session:

  • One day per week, 12:00 - 12:50, location (TBD)
  • Tentative formats
    • student researcher's presentation (10 min) + topic of the day (~40 min) OR
    • present by presenter(s) OR
    • facilitate by facilitator(s)

For question, please contact: Dr. Herbert H. Tsang


Summer 2017 - Back to the Basics

Contact Prof. Herbert H. Tsang for more details.

12:00 - 13:00 @ Neufeld Science Centre, NEU A09

Date Topic Speaker / Host Location
Thur May 18, 2017 What is Research? Presentation 1 / Presentation 2 / Presentation 3 William Badke, Associate Librarian, TWU NEU A09
Thur May 25, 2017 Developing the Research Proposal [Presentation] William Badke, Associate Librarian, TWU NEU A09
Thur June 1, 2017 Literature Review and Research Tools [Presentation] Qinqin Zhang, Assistant Librarian: Information Literacy, E-Learning, and E-Resources, TWU NEU A09
Thur June 8, 2017 How to Write a Research Paper? Dr. Shane Durbach, Associate Professor of Chemistry, TWU NEU A09
Thur June 15, 2017 Changes in age structure and diet of invasive centrarchid fish populations under management by electrofishing + Secret to run effective meetings? Lungi Roberts, Research Assistants of Dr. David Clements, Professor of Biology, TWU NEU A09
Thur June 22, 2017 Movie: "Piled Higher and Deeper" (67 min) Piled Higher and Deeper follows the lives of two graduate students as they learn to cope with life in grad school. [The PHD Movie - Extended Trailer] Dr. Herbert H. Tsang, Professor of Computing Science and Mathematics, TWU NEU A09
Thur June 29, 2017 Experiencing the generosity of China as pivotal to world agriculture and food security Dr. David Clements, Professor of Biology, TWU NEU A09
Thur July 6, 2017 Supramolecular Medicine based on Cucurbiturils Dr. Ruibing Wang, Assistant Professor, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, University of Macau NEU A09
Thur July 13, 2017 How to REALLY read a Research Paper? Dr. Karen Lo, Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biology, TWU NEU A09
Thur July 20, 2017 Academic Integrity TBD NEU A09

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